One Action Plan:

One Uncompromising Result:​

 SKYROCKET your understanding/comprehension of class material- by as much as 40%- and don't look back!  

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From confusion and not learning material greater understanding, massive grade results in as little as 4 weeks:

* Turn a "C" Class Into a "B" Class

* Turn a "B" Class into  a star "A" Class

* Without the Youtube/ Online Study Gimmicks, Vague theories people spout or motivational numpties no one has ever met

* Tutors and study groups are not improving your study or class results like you had hoped

* Without the worry, stress and anxiety about if you can do it, if it will be like the past, or if you need more training just to accomplish it

(the most successful skills I developed in the classroom, I learned in only a few hours!

I ace'd complicated undergrad classes I felt totally unprepared for using these hypnosis techniques instead of academic coaches online or their theories

This a presell for The Reverse-Trip Action Plan, which will available March 15, 2022

Sports Performance: Results  show that all five participants increased both their mean basketball three-point performance & their mean flow scores substantially from baseline to intervention (using Hypnosis)

              Pates, J., Cummings, A. & Maynard, I (2002) The Effects of Hypnosis on Flow States And Three-Point
           Shooting Performance in Basketball Players. 
           (The Sport Psychologist, 16 (1) 34-47.)

Linguistics: Our Results Indicate That Hypnosis is Beneficial For Second Language
Learning & Proficiency

        Yakup, Cetin O., Arda Cimen & Zeynep Ebrar Yetkiner. American Journal of Clinical Hypnosis
       Vol 58. Issue 4- 2016

Academic Performance: The Two Hypnotic Training Programs Had a Significant Effect on Academic Achievement of Participants, Among Increases in Scores, Which Was Not Found in Control Groups

The Effect of Hypnotic Training Programs on the Academic Performance of Students.
     H.M. De Vos & A. Louw. American Journal Of Clinical Hypnosis. Vol 49, Issue 2- 2006


(No crazy study gimmicks,   no motivational mumbo jumbo)

I got an A in classes such as Intermediate Accounting, Pre Calc and Advanced State History:

*   Without watching this weeks trendy Youtube Guru

*   Without creating some complicated study plan Einstein couldn't follow

*   Without carrying around motivational quotes and affirmations that don't work

*   Without asking others tips on "barely" getting through homework or a class

Is it even possible to learn or understand my class using Hypnosis?

I know how you feel. When I heard the first time about using Hypnosis for Academic and study results, I was like "no way, it can't work like this!"  How is learning to be hypnotized going to change how I study for classes, how I learn and what grade's I'm getting in the class? These are real things, real problems, real struggles I have.
But here is the thing.....

The Fact Is....

People use Hypnosis every day of their lives: those that learn to use the process in the right ways, reinforcing the strengths and resources they have, succeed wildly and things flow alot smoother. Those that dont, flail around in problems, situations and challenges every day, or many times, end up alot worse!

But... a word of warning here:

Hypnosis is an extremely powerful process  for improving mindset, abilities, skill sets, learning and more! But it is not a replacement for crappy study habits, no study habits or a focused determination not to be engaged in your class results. If your wanting to sit around eating tacos expecting a higher grade here, your out of luck!

There are alot of "basic" study courses out there that will help you get generic study skills, understandings and ideas of what you need to do. This action plan is not about teaching you ANY OF THOSE THINGS. It is about shredding outdated/useless ideas of what makes study/learning work in the classroom, and creating a nuclear powered hypnosis plan aimed at solidifying and reinforcing the most critical components to your results academically- your mindset, your physical experience and your beliefs/expectations. 

Among the extensive list of Celebrities that have used it for a wide range of challenges and issues, Sylvester Stallone used it in the 70s as well.  Sylvester Stallone, while trying to break into Hollywood in the mid 70s had went to a world renowned Hypnotist (Gil Boyne) to help him express his creativity in film industry & develop the confidence to follow through with it. Within six months of his sessions with Gil, he had completely written the script for "Rocky" and had three large offers to finance it!


The "Reverse-Trip" Action Plan is everything you need to Learn and Understand More- up to 40%, in as little as 4 weeks


Reverse-Trip Action Plan (value $ 119)

Custom 4-Set Hypnosis Session (value $ 497)

Final Class- Keys Map (value $ 49)

Experience Compound Protocol (value $ 89)

Total Value:  $ 754

$ 37 Today!

Order the Reverse-Trip Action Plan




Reason #1: No Complicated Study Gimmicks
No additional study gimmicks from Online Gurus, Motivational Speakers or Rich Putz'es that you've never met, don't like and can't stand even listening to


Reason #2: 75 Years of Research Cant Be Wrong
With over 75 yeas of research by Doctors, PHD's, National and International Medical and Psychology Boards, it can be quite easy to see how powerful and effective Hypnosis is, and why its rapidly improving many areas of Medical, Psychological and Human Performance.

Reason #3: I Failed Classes Because I was Doing the Same Thing
I was a "c" and "d" student in high school. I figured once I got out and into college, it would improve- but it didn't. I asked friends and family for tips on studying, went to tutoring both at school and privately and finally started searching online. In fact, I still remember it, but when I applied for tutoring they turned me down. Later the Admin Secretary told me that reason why was because I was the "wrong" demographic for program- if you get my drift.

Reason #4: Studying the Online Gurus Isn't Going To Affect You
 A rich business person making million-dollar deals and deciding the fate of thousands of people instantly has a particular mindset, philosophy and approach to everything in life. Their "Model" of the world if you will.  While they can impart those on others or verbally teach others, the mindset/philosophy and beliefs they have are totally different from you and your context. And, unless your building Mega Corporations or signing Million Dollar deals, your context will always be totally different- which is why you need to intentionally design your approach, your mindset about homework, projects, exams and your actions around Academics. The most powerful, effective and proven methods to accomplish this is through Hypnosis.

Reason #5: Online Tutors Teach You Head Space Theory
Tutors and Trainers love to talk about theories and principals, throwing them out like candy to students thinking they are gold. For example, sometimes they will imply that studying 10-12 plus hours a day is how you succeed in college life. It is most certainly not. With a full class load every semester, I was able to manage and succeed at it every time typically with only 5-10 hours a week at most. This was in the middle of refining and perfecting the most foundational Hypnosis techniques for learning in the classroom, retaining information and using it successfully in exams. 

Reason #6:  No Other Method Directly Improves Learning
I'm going to let you in on a powerful secret we've known for a few decades now. Learning new topics, material and using them when a class or exam deems it- involves a few things. Focus. Attention. Memory Recall. Visualization. And from all that is created the holy grail: Understanding. Learning new study skills or approaches can improve a small element here, or there, occasionally improving a paper grade- but they dont address all the underlying foundation to what you think/feel/act in order to learn faster, more effectively and use it when needed for higher grades.

Ok, so are you ready for part two of the secret?  What does Hypnosis involve? It consists of Focus, Attention, Memory Recall and Visualization. And from all that comes the holy grail: Substantial Change for Improvement person was adamant about achieving but couldn't get using most other methods!  Is it all starting to make alot more sense now?

The 4-Step
Reverse-Trip Path


# 1

Create Your Final Class Key

Knowing how to supercharge your study approach comes down to your thoughts, your physical behaviors, your emotions and the context you create around college. Here we explain the economy cycle all students go through every day whether its attending classes, studying, projects or dealing with exams so that you are in control, you know how to proceed and are confident in how you think/act/perform the way you want.

Create Your Reverse-Trip Hypnosis Routine

Once we create the Foundational Rules in Step 1 above, we custom design the Hypnosis Plan across a 4-week time period that rapidly builds it all, reinforces it all daily for you without you having to worry about it and creates massively powerful success in your study process leading to higher class grades.  Don't worry- its not complicated.


# 3

Design your 4 Week Action Plan

This is the step where the rubber hits the road. Where we take action and begin making drastic improvements. We start by explaining the hypnosis schedule next 4 weeks, and some nighttime audio mp3's. Then we move on to how to implement the sessions each week and into your schedule so they are a phenomenal fit for you in current context.


# 2

Delve Into The Experience Compound Protocol to Skyrocket Results

Here we go in depth about the Experience Protocol and how it works as part of each session to powerfully strengthen you- when your not even aware of it. We also wrap up with important factors about program components, how they work and what is needed to ensure it is all building and reinforcing entire program for your maximum results.


# 4

The members section with all tools, sessions and seminars will be ready and waiting for you on March 15, 2022.  But if you decide to join the program before it starts,  I have a special bonus for you.

Grand Opening for the Reverse Trip Action Plan is March 15th, 2022


ESSENTIALS Procrastination Destroyer Program

Don't leave study skills on the table.

Use this powerful hypnosis session together with the Reverse- Trip Action Plan to increase your study ability even faster than before.

What would less excuses and fake reasons look like for you?

More time for projects you need to get done.

Easier to manage all your daily demands.

Or something as simple as, more time for you to enjoy

The good news, is this hypnosis session can be easily implemented into your 4 week Action Plan here, and it conveniently fits into your schedule.

value: $ 129

P.S. We'll be selling this as a standalone course later down the road, but you can get it for free during this presale period.

Hi, I am Dennis Harris...

...and I CONQUERED years of Undergrad and Graduate Classes without youtube gurus, annoying study gimmicks or rich boy theories

I'm a Hypnotist, a tinkerer and an explorer out in the middle of the ocean navigating it endlessly. Just like you.

I'm extremely grateful to have worked closely with some of the biggest legends of Hypnosis so far in my endeavors. These are hypnotists that are so famous, they command thousands of dollars an hour for niche clinical services across areas such as Academic Performance, Sports Performance and Pain Management. In fact, several are contacted by celebrities for Clinical Hypnosis through reputation and results alone!

My mission is to help students entering college, or current students take their study approach and grades to an entirely new level. One in which many, didn't think was possible given their current circumstances.

So, my approach in accomplishing this is the Reverse-Trip Action Plan. Presented as a comprehensive 4 week schedule of hypnosis sessions, hard hitting tutorials on How Learning Works and Why, and the Experience Compound Protocol to wrap entire program up nicely into a complete training.


Because, in my opinion, this is the best strategy to put you on the fast track to learning faster, learning better, getting much stronger grades both in class and exams. Oh by the way, one of the most powerful benefits of going through the Reverse Trip- is a substantial increase in confidence and certainty in yourself and what your capable of- sorry- it cant be helped. I didn't make the rules.  

Look. Lets be honest. You don't know me (probably) and I don't know you.



Why you should trust me when there is a high chance you bought a course before from somebody, and it flopped right?

I decided to take all the risk out of equation for you and give you a full 30 days to go through program.

Because it is a presale, and the Reverse-Trip Action Plan will be available on March 15, 2022, your guarantee is extended to April 14th.

During this time, you can decide if its worth the price. If not, just send us an email at and we'll send your refund right away. No questions asked!

say BYE, BYE to.....

Say bye, bye to time wasted on learning the newest study trend.

With the Reverse Trip Action Plan, we build the focus, mindset, understanding and confidence you need to go forward. Its not another new technique, another new trend, another new gimmick a teacher or tutor came up with.

Say bye, bye to fragile/unreliable hope in tutors and smart friends

Many times, our friends and family can mean well. They can offer us tips, options and methods to how they succeeded. Unfortunately, many times they don't help us, we can't use them, apply them correctly or their success with it doesn't transfer over to us when we use them.

Say bye, bye to untested, slow or useless study approaches you've done up till now.

Many times, study techniques can help a little here or there. Sometimes, they can change things for a week or two before people discard them, dont see results or success from taking them on. Its not surprising students are so fed up with trends, tricks and gimmicks students and teachers share- when they themselves dont understand how your thoughts/ feelings/ actions and beliefs interact with the academic context you find yourself in now.



Who is the Reverse-Trip Action Plan for?

The toolkit is specifically designed for students entering College for the first time, students who have tried different study methods that failed, students who have learned from Academic Coaches and Tutors only to not improve or succeed themselves.

I've never done hypnosis before, will this work?

As mentioned before, Hypnosis uses all the same elements that "learning" does, so if you've ever learned anything in your time up until now- your in great shape.  While hypnosis is not 100% foolproof, no medical/therapeutic/neurological approach with extensive research and proven results will have that. It works for the majority of people who are willing to close their eyes, breath in a relaxing way and follow simple instructions.  One person remarked that learning hypnosis and reaping its benefits is about as difficult as "taking a penny that is heads up and turning it to opposite side".

How is it different from other courses?

First of all, its not a course. It's an action plan, giving you a step-by-step process that will powerfully help you raise your Course or Exam grades up by at least one letter grade. It is designed to give you substantial results and improvement across a minimum of four weeks, given you follow the plan and perform it start to finish.

What if the action plan isn't for me?

No worries! I'm so confident that if you follow and do the 4-week action plan according to its steps you will receive noticeably extensive and reliable success in class grades, I've taken out all risk to you. I'm offering a full 30 day money back guarantee that starts March 15th, so you literally have until  April 14th, 2022 to decide. It is a no-questions asked, no frills, refund policy designed to make sure you're completely in control.  And that is the way it should be.

Is the content available right away?

No, the content will be available on March 15th, 2022. We will notify you via email.Preordering the action plan before that date will ensure you're spot in the action plan and receive the Fast Action Bonus: Raise Your Learning by 20%- which will be its own stand alone program down the road and not available after March 15th either separately or part of any program we offer.

Who is the Reverse-Trip Action Plan for?

The toolkit is specifically designed for students entering College for the first time, students who have tried different study methods that failed, students who have learned from Academic Coaches and Tutors only to not improve or succeed themselves.

I've used techniques from Tutors, how does this affect them?

Techniques, tools and approaches from academic tutors and online gurus typically help once, a few weeks or temporarily- but they don't address and fix the fundamental components of your learning process in school. They also don't correct many of the pillars that determine what your results are every week, your class grades or exams. That is why the Final Class Key was developed and creates significantly more effective and substantial results for you than learning tips/tricks hoping something finally sticks.

The "Reverse-Trip" Action Plan is everything you need to get Higher Class Grades, in as little as 4 weeks


Reverse-Trip Action Plan (value $ 119)

Custom 4-Set Hypnosis Session (value $ 497)

Final Class-Keys Map (value $ 49)

Experience Compound Protocol (value $ 89)

Total $ 754

$ 37 Today!