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Whether your an experienced Medical Professional, a College Student preparing for their new career, a Parent looking for powerful tools to improve their life or just a regular Hoooman looking for better ways to get through today because of constant problems , I've got you covered.

Let me save you the guesswork and share with you, here in this section, some of my all time favorite secrets and tools tested in the field.

These programs have over 75 years of extensive clinical research and results behind them. They have 50+ years of successful clients walking away with incredibly powerful understandings, tools and processes to change their life today and will assuredly fast-track your success too. What are you waiting for- get started with the programs below and I'll be there with you every step of the way.  Head to the sign-up of this page, and lets get started with Power-Packed Hypnotic Process today!

Stop Smoking,Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, Weight Loss, Hypnosis, Hypnosis Missouri.png

Step 1:Get the basics

This in-depth Training Program teaches you the basics of how your mind and thoughts work, how to create attention and focus to help in daily life and build a cohesive all-star relaxation process.


We walk step by step through this program (giving you incredibly effective tools for changework) for tackling stress and anxiety that, given its long standing successful pedigree with clients in past- is a force to be reckoned with.  Head to the sign-up form of this page and get access to a kick-butt program sure to impress!

Stop Smoking,Quit Smoking, Lose Weight, Weight Loss, Smoking, Hypnosis, Hypnosis Missouri,

Step 2: Take Control

Having all the tools and understandings is critical to this step. Ready to take everything you've learned above and make it over-the-top Fun and Entertaining?

This program is carefully designed from the foundation above and builds a framework of creating powerful, insanely memorable entertainment hypnosis experiences for you. Thats right. In this section, we are going to sit down and learn first hand how all the mind-blowing results and experiences in Entertainment Hypnosis happen- first hand!

Of course, making your friends extremely jealous is a side benefit of Direct Hypnosis Programs through SMHF.  You ready to see the ugly green monster rear its head when you tell them about your experiences, what you saw, felt and went through?  Being able to experience all this excitement and amazing things first hand through Hypnosis cannot be replicated by any other medium. Head to the sign-up form on this page for instant access to TWO powerful and crafted Hypnosis Programs you can start implementing today!