Entertainment, Stage and Direct  Hypnosis for Missouri arrive in grand fashion.

Ever seen the amazing, memorable and completely over the top experiences of Stage and Entertainment Hypnosis shows?

Perhaps, you've had friends and family tell you how easy Hypnosis is and felt great- like the best vacation ever. Hypnosis in Stage and Public shows involves many elements Clinical does not, and the experiences, sights, sounds and feelings in it are truly one of a kind. They cant be experienced with any other Entertainment Medium out there.

Check out the video on Entertainment/ Direct Hypnosis Events and see if an Entertainment or Direct Hypnosis Event is right for you.

Curious to see some of the amazing Hypnotic Experiences that are possible? You can join us too, and have even more fun, enjoyment and experiences than ever before.

What would happen, if you could take the Hypnotist and copy them right in front of the persons very eyes? What would you do... how would you react?

Things only get more exciting and memorable from here...this is no Quit Smoking or Weight Loss with Hypnosis session folks... this is what happens... when you give someone the Super Power... of Electricity at their fingertips.