Ready to see how the showstoppers do it on Stage and in Groups?

You can learn first hand how to do the insane, amazing things on Stage, Street and Groups first hand!

We offer two packages. Each package is 100% online through Zoom where you sit down with us and learn the ins and outs of Hypnosis basics, how to focus and how to experience mind-blowing skits first hand, and live them just like those on Stage and Groups!  

What would it be like to experience all the excitement, all the amazing sights, sounds and feelings of Entertainment Hypnosis first hand, one on one?

If you've ever been curious just how powerful y our focus and attention are- your in the exact right spot! If you've ever wondered if hypnosis was real- we got you covered here in Spades. If you ever worried if Hypnosis would work for you, your in really good hands.  Our packages are Direct Hypnosis Events, where you learn basics, tools and powerful hypnotic tools first hand!

Package 1:  Two Session Direct Hypnosis Event

A two-session Direct Hypnosis Event is $ 95.00 per person includes a Consultation over Zoom, and two One-Hour Hypnosis Sessions with our Board Certified Hypnotists.

We have years of extensive Clinical and Entertainment Hypnosis Experience to ensure the fun and entertainment memories here pop for you!

Package 2:  Small Group Direct Hypnosis Event

Your party investment in Package 2 is $ 125.00 and we sit down with you and up to four of your friends over an online Zoom session and take your entire group through Hypnosis basics, how to focus and how to do simple, intermediate and advanced Hypnotic experiences you see on stage!

Blow your friends away, Impress them with the fun, memorable and hilarious experiences you have first hand together in this group Direct Hypnosis Event.