SMHF began as a construct in 2017 by some very gifted, very hypnotic minds. Through growth, development both internally and externally with business partners, we have arrived at today. We have several directors behind the scenes involved in more technical stuff. Joining the team lately has been individual and group patrons across Farmington and Ste. Genevieve who we have welcomed aboard and appreciate being part of our growing team.

Through talks with individuals and groups across the Southern Region, we realized the entire Southern Missouri region has had almost no access to Hypnosis and its extensive applications  outside of St Louis. We aim to correct that in a major way. So whether it is in clinical hypnosis areas like rapidly and substantially reducing stress, tension and anxiety or in small settings of 10-20 people working in Hypnosis directly, we offer a wide range of Hypnotic Areas to serve Southeast Missouri now.

Lets introduce one of our members. He can usually be found creating Hypnosis Seminars in the area or working with clients in anxiety/stress/ tension problems. Dennis Harris is one of our Directors primarily responsible for specific Service Areas of Clinical Practice and exclusively the Entertainment/Street Hypnosis engagements.

Dennis has been actively involved with Hypnosis since 2000 when he first became Certified with a notable Hypnosis group on the East Coast. Since then, he has worked both clinically and street hypnosis wise in a multitude of environments. In 2016 he became a Board Certified Hypnotist with the largest National/International Hypnotherapy body in the US. In the last year, he has been thrown into the spotlight several times by the biggest names in the industry for his amazing work with people.

Our Focus


We start with a solid foundation in Hypnosis taught by experts in the field with decades of experience and success with clients just like you. Collectively between the members, we employ over 85 years of cumulative hypnosis experience across medical/ psychological/therapy and entertainment venues. In addition to this, on several events, legends on the industry have reviewed and evaluated the work performed by SMHF.

One area of SMHF is devoted completely to clinical services across several reporting areas that include:

     * Stress/Anxiety

     * Fears/Phobias

     * Stop Smoking

     * Weight Loss

     * Pain Management for pre/ current/ post


Another area focuses heavily on Entertainment, Street and Direct Hypnosis Events. These are accomplished through:

     * Small groups 20-50 people

     * Small groups 5-19 people

     * Direct Hypnosis Events pre scheduled

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